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Henry Burt Stevens (b. 24 August 1933), a native of New England, is a Founding Member of the Delian Society, Now retired, he makes his home in Punta Gorda, Florida. Earlier in life, Henry played both the piano and the trumpet, but in more recent years he has emerged as one of the Web's most prolific poets, storytellers, and bloggers, and attracts an ever-widening circle of readers and friends who value his creativity, wit, and wisdom.

In 2004, he established Vico Press (named for the great eighteenth-century Neapolitan rhetorician, Giambattista Vico), under which imprint he publishes books of original poetry and a DVD titled Victory. Created in musical collaboration with composer Joseph Dillon Ford, with readings by Carol Mahler, it takes its title from the six-stanza poem, "Victory," that won a first-place in the Royal Palm Literary Contest sponsored by the Florida Writers Association. Henry is a dedicatee of Childe Henry's Booke of Excellent Adventures, a musical fairytale "for children of all ages" based on the music Ford created for Victory.

Henry and his wife Pat celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on 19 September 2006.

Henry's poem, "B. M. 1919–2003," a personal meditation on time, memory, and death, poignantly concludes with a question:

when I no longer / remember the sweet sounds / where will they be?

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