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Roman Turovsky-Sautscheck (also Turovsky-Savchuk) was born in Kyiv, Ukraine on 16 May 1961 and emigrated to the USA in 1979. He is an ardent autodidact who has also studied music privately with Patrick O'Brien, Pier Liugi Cimma, Leonid Hrabovsky, and Davide Zannoni. He has cultivated highly productive artistic friendships with many gifted creative and performing artists, including Roberto Bianchini, Vadym Borysenko, Alexandre Danilevsky, Edin Karamazov, Stefan Lundgren, Simon Paulus, and Luca Pianca. In recent years he has worked with experimental Dutch composer Hans Kockelmans on various transatlantic co-creative projects, and has performed with Ukrainian-American composer, singer, and instrumentalist Julian Kytasty and the New York Bandura Ensemble.

A prolific composer-performer and advocate of musical historicism, since the early 1990s Roman's oeuvre has grown rapidly to include more than two hundred works for solo renaissance lute or orpharion; over four hundred compositions for baroque lute or baroque lute duet, including thirty tombeaux; numerous Ukrainian songs and Lieder with baroque lute or archlute obbligato; twelve Anarchist ballads with torban obbligato; divers arrangements of and variations on Ukrainian folk melodies; a concerto for torban and strings; tombeaux for viola da gamba; the "Kacha" Trio for organ; and a quintet for torban and strings. His music has been heard at music festivals in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.

Since 1996 he often composed under the noms de plume "Sautscheck" (cf. "Savchuk") and "Ioannes Leopolita," to whom authorship of numerous of his compositions (e.g., the Cantiones sarmaticae et ruthenicae) was mythopoeically ascribed. These historicist compostions were so successful that some musicologists were convinced they were newly discovered works by hitherto unknown European masters.

In addition to his activities as a composer, Roman, the son of the distinguished painter Mikhail Turovsky, is also a widely exhibited figurative/representational artist who has worked in cinema and television. He has translated and published poetry from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and other sources. A founding member of Vox Saeculorum and the Delian Society, Roman took part in Nu Mu [sic!] Unlimited 2007, the world's first virtual music garden. He now resides in New York.

Roman requires no outside authority to justify the composition of new tonal music in the twenty-first century ...

Because I do it in this twenty-first century.

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