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Warren A. Park (b. 20 April 1946, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada) earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition at the University of Minnesota in 1969.  For the past thirty-five years he has worked as a freelance pianist and composer.  His music has been performed by various professional ensembles, particularly in his home state of Minnesota.  In addition to instrumental and vocal solos (Ancient Windows, for piano, and "Within Your Eyes" for soprano and piano), Warren has composed music in various genres for many types of ensembles, including piano and wind quartets, ("Old American Mechanical Toys," for saxophone quartet, and "Groove Surfing," for violin, marimba, piano, and bass); mixed septet (Fantasia for Seven Players, for violin, bass, trumpet, trombone, clarinet. bassoon, and percussion);  jazz band (Slipstream); and chorus ("Green Laughter of Spring").  

Warren calls for a non-elitist contemporary art music with which listeners can engage directly:

"In today's world, music needs to be accessible and interesting to a wide audience. Too much of contemporary music is alienating, harsh, and heavy. Tonal music is a method of writing that speaks more clearly to the average person than atonalism.  I write what I enjoy hearing, and tonal writing is generally much more listenable and interesting to me. The audience I reach seems to respond well to it, too."  

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