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Kevin Marshall was born on 4 August 1953 in Wilmington, Delaware. A true autodidact, Kevin paved the way for a musical career as a young student of the clarinet and avid sight-reader. He has since read and performed literally volumes of music, assimilating Western art music traditions even as he cultivated a passionate interest in Middle Eastern and African music available in transcription.

No stranger to popular forms of entertainment, Kevin is familiar to many San Francisco Bay Area residents as a performer of Broadway show tunes and Middle Eastern belly dance music. Since 1995 he has been a member of Kekuja, an African percussion band that has brought its distinctive fusion of West African and Islamic musical elements to venues as diverse as cafes, academic fairs, and corporate events. His 2005 CD, Live at Joseline's, features "African music, Middle Eastern music, and a mixture of the two ... with some jazz and showtunes added occasionally for variety," as well as "drumming in both African and Middle Eastern styles, voice, clarinet, bamboo saxophone, and varied instrumental accompaniment."

Kevin is an extraordinarily versatile performer who sings and plays various instruments, including the tumba, g'boba, talking drum, clarinet, flute, bamboo saxophone, and Arabic quarter tone keyboard. He is also a music software and hardware enthusiast who particularly enjoys "playing around with MIDI." As a composer, he has contributed original music both to the Delian Suites Nos. 1 and 2 and the Nu Mu [sic!] Unlimited Festival 2007.

Kevin underscores the importance of tonality as a product of fundamental acoustic phenomena:

Leonard Bernstein said it best: "There's this thing called the overtone series ..."

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