The first piece of the three is embedded and will play automatically in the background. All movements may be accessed at the following links:

Download "Cradle Song" (mp3, 2.4 MB)

Download "Berceuse for Noah" (mp3, 1.1 MB)

Download "Maya" (mp3, 2.3 MB)


Three Piano Pieces by Sheila Firestone


When each of my daughters-in-law announced a pregnancy, I began to dream about the children that might be born. Each of the six grandchildren had at least one piece to claim as their own lullaby by the time of his/her arrival.

The first such piece is the "Cradle Song." Unfortunately that child did not make it into the world. This piece is a love note to all of the babies who do not make it to birth and whose spirits yet wait to be born.

The piece for Noah is typical of the style of many of the "Cradle Songs." All three pieces are performed by pianist Lydia Andreeva.


Composer's Web Site ("Songs for a New Day")


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The calligraphic ornament above is based on a fourteenth-century design detail appearing in Plate No. 11 of W. R. Tymms, The Art of Illuminating as Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times ... (London: Day and Son, 1860.) The roundel frames above were derived from a fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript depicting the "Vision of Isaiah" attributed to Girolamo Da Cremona, now housed in the Libreria Piccolomini, Duomo, Siena.

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