Bosch.  The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field.  Staatliche Museen, Berlin.

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The Magician

This piece requires some extra participation from the instrumentalists in the form of laughter, exclamations of wonder, foot stamping, miscellaneous talk, and so on. Have fun with it. There are text notations at certain points in the score indicating what to do. In measure 41, in the clarinet and bassoon parts, there is also a brief rhythmic exclamation, which is notated underneath a percussion-type notes. All directions are approximate; be spontaneous and the desired effect will be achieved.

I had the thought that a penny whistle, deployed at just the right time, would add a perfect comic tone to this already humorous piece.

The alternation of early-music type harmonies and twentieth-century strange harmonies is intended to invoke the wonder at the tricks of the magician.

The tempo can be varied as you like, for expressivity or ease of playing.

I hope you enjoy performing this piece as much as I did writing it.

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