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Harpsichord Sonata No. 3 in G Minor by Gianluca Bersanetti


"The sonata: written in the usual baroque bipartite form, in spots obviously rather Scarlatti-inspired, but not exclusively. I remember first finding the pattern in mm. 7-8 and realizing how slickly it lent itself to modulating with the help of a simple ascending bass (for instance, i to III in the first half, and VI to i in the second part). Our fellow composer Grant Colburn [Delian Society] helped me with a more straightforward opening statement (broken chord), while I was stuck with what I believed to be a 'cleverer rhythmically displaced version of the same."

This movement is performed by Michele Barchi on a copy of a Christian Zell instrument (1728) created by O. Lusetti, P. Zejfart, and M. Barchi (Parma, 2005).





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