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Edward Gold ~ "Answer to Dvořák's 'Question,' B., 128a"

On 13 December 1882 Dvořák wrote for a friend his shortest—and most enigmatic—composition, an album leaf for piano solo titled "Question" (B., 128a) that is just eight measures long and never actually ends in any conventional sense. For 122 years Dvořák's "Question" has been crying for an "Answer," and some Delian Society composers have replied to Dvořák in their own personal romantic idioms as a special thematic project for Ye New Music Fayre 2010. On this web page you will hear one of the "Answers" submitted.


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Border: Design from Robert Owen, The Grammar of Ornament, pl. XIX (London: Day and Son, 1856). The original colors have been changed.

Art: Detail of John Singer Sargent's Apollo and the Muses (1921). Rotunda mural at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Public domain.

The YNMF 2010 "Pegasus" Medallion, designed by Joseph Dillon Ford, is based on the reverse of a silver stater coin (345–307 BCE) minted at Corinth c. 330 BCE.

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